Tillamook Chinook Salmon

Of the five species of Pacific salmon, the Chinook and Coho are the most important to anglers. The two are often found in the same waters and pursued in much the same way, but the Chinook is the larger of the two and highly prized among anglers. When hooked, Chinook like to slug it out, while Coho's are acrobatic and quick. Chinook are also known as the king salmon or spring salmon.

Chinook are powerful swimmers that migrate hundreds of miles up northwest rivers to their spawning grounds, and they can grow huge. The rod-and-reel world record was taken in Alaska's Kenai River in 1985 and weighed 97 pounds, 4 ounces. Most fish caught by northwest anglers, however, range from 15 to 25 pounds. At the end of a fishing line, Chinooks are absolute brutes - hard-running, stubborn fighters that will give you all the challenge you can handle, and sometimes more. Tillamook fishing guide Lee Darby specializes in targeting Tillamook Chinook, Coho salmon and steelhead. Oregon coast guided salmon trips

Tillamook Steelhead

Winter Steelhead fishing in the Tillamook area is available January though May and summer steelhead drift boat trips are run June though July. Steelhead fishing trips are run in our 18-foot drift boat where we float productive rivers like the Clackamas, Wilson, Trask, Nehalem, Necanicum and Nestucca in search of Oregon coast steelhead. Tillamook Steelhead Fishing Trips

Standard hatchery steelhead runs, both summer and winter, contain a mix of wild hatchery fish and native wild steelhead. Now with the hatchery raised wild broodstock program well established, steelhead returns the Wilson River and Trask River are providing excellent opportunities for some really big fish. Many Wilson River fishing guides hook fish in to the high teens and even an occasional 20 pounder. Oregon coast fishing guides reinforce the fact that these wild fish are full of fight and provide an excellent battle for both beginner and seasoned anglers alike. And of course they are great eating too. Fishing these Oregon coast rivers by non-motorized drift boat is a great way to take in the beauty of these coastal rivers while experiencing some of the greatest salmon and steelhead fishing in Oregon. Tillamook Bay Salmon Fishing Trips